Benefits of Google business view virtual tours

• When your potential customers search for local businesses online, they will be invited to See Inside your business, using a stunning interactive and engaging 360º virtual tour from your Google business listing, when they find you via Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.

• Online visitors will now be able to step inside and explore the interior, unique features, products, and surroundings that make a business special, enticing them to visit you in-person. Not only does Google Business View provide knowledge about your location, it also gives the customer an idea of the experience they will have with your business.

• However and wherever your customers find you online, they will be able to view and interact with your business in a fun, unique, and engaging way like never before, making this your best sales person ever. Over 250,000 business views are active on Google currently and over 10,000 businesses worldwide are signing up for Google Business View each month.

• Google Business View will help your business get discovered by enhancing the business’s web profile on Google’s database. With millions of searches done daily, weekly, and monthly you have a better chance to be found compared to your competitors.

• Increases traffic stats on your business listing. When someone finds your listing on Google they will most likely click onto you and not your competition because you have a 360 degree tab inside the photos button which allows someone to take your virtual tour. These are highly visible on any local search, map search or Google search. This acts as a call to action to have visitors on your listing stay longer and by doing so your traffic stats on your Google +Local page grows.

• Influences customer decision making. With Google Business View a company is always open and ready for action, which can help maximise visibility and take trade to the next level. Your customers can navigate and look around your business and get a feel of the place before they make a decision. The virtual tour will give customers a better sense of the layout, decor, ambience and unique qualities of your business.

• Attracts More Customers. 97% of people search for local businesses before making a decision. Choosing the right restaurant, cafe, hotel or any business is often a complex decision. Google Business View offers a significant advantage over your competitors, providing your potential customers with an extra level of confidence by allowing them to See Inside your business.

• It has been proven that images have a significant impact to a person’s decision making when searching for local businesses. Supplying a virtual tour sets you apart from your competitors and provides an experience that’s informative and engaging.

• We assist Google in verifying that the location of the business is accurate. A verified location will appear higher in local search results versus another business equal in all other aspects. Hence, you are giving your business a competitive edge over others by implementing a Google Business View virtual tour.

• You pay no subscription fees. No recurring or monthly payments. This is a once off investment in your business and is affordable to both small and large enterprises. Published and accessible on Google forever. After payment you remain the sole owner and retain all copyrights to the images taken to develop your business virtual tour. You have the full right to use your virtual tour or static photos on any marketing platforms such as Facebook, eBrochures and websites.